The road to Platinum – how VRP became a Salesforce Platinum Partner

14 December 2020 News

We are thrilled to announce that VRP has been recognized as a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner. This is a huge achievement, considering we have reached this level only one year after becoming Gold Partners. VRP is now in the elite group of a few global Salesforce Platinum Partners.

What is Platinum Status, and how do you get it?

The Salesforce Partner Program ranks and promotes partners who have shown superb expertise and experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. The levels are assigned according to a special system rewarding skill level, successful implementations and customer satisfaction. Points are accumulated based on completed projects, employee certifications and project delivery across industries and product ranges. The higher the level of a company within the Salesforce Partnership Program, the more trusted and established it is. Platinum is the pinnacle of the program.

A long way to success

We reached Platinum Status at the end of an incredibly unpredictable and challenging year when the world faced so many unprecedented events. Dealing with the global pandemic made us redefine our strategy and operations, to be able to fulfill our projects without disruptions and support our customers through these trying times. The entire company should be proud that despite this crisis, we were able to accomplish several significant milestones throughout the year. We could not have achieved this success without the opportunity to work on exciting client projects and collaboration with innovative partners in the ecosystem.

We are a Lightning Experience Master!

We became a Salesforce Lightning Experience Master. This recognition is awarded to Consulting Partners for expertise, product knowledge and successful project delivery within Salesforce Lightning. To achieve this, we needed to meet strict guidelines presenting proof of our success including documentation from numerous implementations of high complexity, customer stories, sale references, etc. This status shows that we are committed to providing the best service and opportunities for the customers to fully support their Salesforce ambitions.

We are a Expert!

VRP was also recognized as a expert. To us this is an important accreditation, as we truly want to make the world a better place and believe that technology companies play a vital role in supporting nonprofit organizations around the world. From large charities such as the Red Cross, to smaller local nonprofits working to help individuals raise funds, it is vital these organizations can focus on their missions while we provide the platform configuration to do this. We are passionate about the nonprofit sector and are delighted that we were able to help streamline online fundraising, facilitate campaigns and donor management to increase the impact of charity organizations, as well as creating custom apps such as our giving site connector, GivingX.

We are a PDO Expert!

VRP also became a Salesforce PDO Expert, making it into an elite group of only a few companies globally. This is a title that acknowledges product development outsourcers specializing in ideation, design, creation and support of Appexchange applications. This emphasizes our expertise, experience and true understanding of customer requirements, in turning their vision into market disrupting apps.

We won the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award!

Just before going Platinum, we won the coveted global Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2020 in the category of Manufacturing & Energy, due to our work on the Rolls-Royce Yocova platform, beating over 700 other submissions. We were always proud of this project because we accelerated the design to alpha prototype in only 3 months and beta launched within 6 months to 100+ airlines, OEMs, and ISVs while fully supporting the market launch. However, being appreciated by Salesforce makes it even more special and solidifies our reputation on the market as innovators helping our clients disrupt their industries.

We did it!

The Platinum Partner Status and all the other achievements wouldn’t be possible without our customers whose ambitions are to drive digital transformation, our ecosystem partners, most notably Salesforce and of course, the collective effort of the entire VRP team. Your commitment, passion, and professionalism does not go unnoticed. This success speaks volumes about all the hard work and dedication that you showed this year despite the unusual circumstances.

This was definitely a year to remember. Despite the obstacles it was a catalyst for great success and we are excited to see what the future will bring. Obviously, we have big plans for 2021, but for now – let’s celebrate!

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