You know the challenges you face daily and we have the skills and expertise to overcome them. From the smallest fundraising event to the largest global marketing campaign, your Salesforce® platform can empower you to track finances from donation to distribution, supporting your community.

Challenges facing Nonprofits

Separated fundraising data

Fundraising data often held in disparate unconnected systems prevents having a clear picture of your fundraising activity, funds and grants.

Grant management processes

Local files and manual processes slow down the grant process and hamstring necessary collaboration across stakeholders. With greater frequency and volume of grants, this process becomes more frustrating.

Complex donor profiles

A wide donor base complicates segmenting and personalising content. Data analytics tools are needed to refine targeting and complex user journeys to send appealing messages.

Donor experience

Charities often grapple with the question 'how is my donation being spent?' Tying donations to grants and outcomes on an individual basis is either technically challenging or very manual and time-consuming.

Giving Site data

More and more donations are being provided through 3rd party giving sites. It takes staff many hours every week to upload data files into core systems and synchronise payments.

Grant maintenance

Grantees must comply with milestone reporting and updates to satisfy and maintain grants. This can be challenging out in the field sometimes with limited connectivity.

Industry Solutions

Donor Management

Nurture long-term rewarding relationships with your donors, supporters and partners. Get all the tools you need to manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment, including automating recurring donations. Power your donation campaigns all from one place with landing pages, email campaigns and event management apps.

Grant Management

Extend and optimize your Salesforce system to enable grant solicitation, management and reporting. Improve the quality of submission with unique eligibility validations. Automate funding review and payment options. Generate funding reports and real-time funding snapshots.

Marketing Automation

Create more detailed and effective marketing campaigns based on the fundraising objectives. Marketing Cloud enables data-driven, segmented and personalised messages driven by journey builder flows, time-specific actions and AMPScripts.


Drive donor engagement with a platform that helps track how donations are being used. Create a single platform to show the end-results of giving and grants. Your Experience Cloud can be a portal to login and manage installment plans.

Fund Accounting

Track and manage conditioned funds all within your Salesforce platform. We can help you integrate with various accounting platforms, or migrate to native Salesforce solutions like Accounting Seed. NPSP

Innovate your entire fundraising, donation, and distribution process using the Nonprofit Starter Pack as the base. As a global partner, we can help you leverage the value of this powerful platform.

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Donor Experience

Drive engagement with a platform that helps track how donations are being used. Create a portal to show the outcomes of giving and grants. Tying together Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) and Marketing Cloud maximises donor experience and increases engagement and revenue.

Giving Site connector

VRP's GivingX app seamlessly integrates to 3rd party sites like Just Giving to automate the donations and payment data straight into your Salesforce platform.

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